Nov 1, 2021

3 min read

Blockobot Summary 25 October-1 November : Blockobot Helper Announced

This past week was very interesting. The number of purchased starter kit and total BNB users earned from the game are growing significantly. Let’s see what happened together.

  • 1,263 Starter kits have been sold. The number of circulating parts is 7,578. The number of sold starter kit increased around 84.92% within only a week
  • 18.1968 is the total amount of BNB that players earned from referral and selling items on the marketplace. This is also significant since the number increased around 178.2% which is quite positive since the growth of this number means our players made more money from the project.
  • Thanks to our community friends, we’ve got reviewed in Brazilian blockchain game media and Youtube video.

Top 5 of The Rarest Parts

Due to the significant increase in number of circulating parts in the game, there are changes in the number of supply in many parts. However, many rare parts are still rare. Let’s see the current ranking.

  • The rarest part is still Imperium Knight-Astral with only 10 pieces in the game.
  • The second rank is for AMPC Trooper-Azure and APMC Trooper-Mono. The number of circulating supply is 14.
  • The number of Xenotech Claw-Noxious increased to 16 and became the third rank.
  • KOSMOS Seeker-Mono, Berserkir MS-Eclipse, Xenotech Claw-Azure are the fourth. The current supply is 19.
  • The fifth rank includes all parts that have the number of circulating supply as 20. Here is the name list of the parts:
    Imperium Knight-Mono
    Xeno Hunter -Noxious
    Xeno Hunter-Astral
    Berserkir MS-Noxious
    Cybertron Dash MM-Astral
    Kosmo-Glider -Mono
    GW Glider MM-Eclipse

The Progress of Mission Center

Now we’ve started the first test of the solution to reduce gas-required activity. It still requires us a lot of adjustments in order to make the solution work smoothly. We continue to adjust our configurations and keep testing.

First Batch of Blockobot Helper Announced

Last week, we announced the volunteer moderator program and the feedback from the community is very great. The number of submitted applications is more than we expected so it requires us longer time to consider. Finally, we’ve decided to start from the first batch of Blockobot Helpers who will help moderate our community and make things better. You can come to say hi to Blockobot Helpers at our Discord channel.

For those who submitted the application but aren’t selected, it doesn’t mean you’re not good but the seats have to be limited due to the unexpectedly high number of applicants. Even you aren’t Blockobot Helper, you’re still good to help and support people in the community. Also, we may need more volunteer moderators in the future. The submitted applications will be included in the next consideration too.

Big thanks to all applicants. We appreciate your will to support Blockobot community :)

That’s all for this week. See you next time!