Blockobot New Weekly Missions with Worker Ticket Reward

1 min readApr 11, 2022


Last week, we released the new weekly missions and Fighter ticket, the first type of ticket as a reward. This week, you will find another type of ticket in the new weekly missions.

Weekly Mission List (11 April-18 April)

Start from 11 April, 02:00 PM to 18 April, 01:00 PM (GMT+9)

  • Tough Work
  • Flying Shot
  • Avoid Laser
  • Stress Test
  • Power Attack
  • Lab Expansion
  • Rocket Construction

Visit the Mission Center for all details.

Worker Ticket : Another Important Ticket

New Weekly Mission with Worker Ticket as a reward

You will find the Worker Ticket, another type of reward in this set of weekly missions. It’s a ticket that you can collect to exchange with Worker Pack at Ticket Exchange. In the Worker Pack, you will have a chance to obtain work -related stat upgrades (HP,SPD,Work) and/or FCE token. The price of Worker Pack is 18 Worker Ticket per pack. You can use the upgrade to increase your robot stats.

Exchange your Worker Ticket for the Worker Pack




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