Blockobot Mission Center & Weekly Mission Release

3 min readMar 28, 2022


Today the Mission Center and Missions were launched. Now you can send your Mission Team to participate in various missions listed on the Mission Center.

How to Participate in The Mission

  1. Create your Mission Team and send the team to Mission Center. Here is how to do.
  2. In the Mission Center, you’ll see various missions. Find the one you want to participate in by considering from rewards, requirements, the length of the mission, and the cool down time of the mission. If you have a Mission Team, the “Start Mission” button will turn to be blue. Click the button.

3. You will be sent to Mission Details page. Click the + sign to assign the robot from your Mission Team to participate in the mission.

4. After that, click “Start Mission” and now your robot is ready to go.

5. Wait for the progress until your robot complete the mission. Once the your robot is back, “Mission Report” button will turn to blue. Click it.

6. The result of the mission will be displayed which can be success or failed, calculated by the robot’s stats and other factors included in the formula.

Standard Mission & Weekly Mission

Currently, there are generally 2 types of mission which are Standard Mission and Weekly Mission

Standard Mission

There are 4 standard missions at this point which are Energy Mission Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Full Charged. You will be able to find this kind of mission in the Mission Center always.

Weekly Mission

Each week, there will be a different set of mission available in the Mission Center. This set of missions will be rotated at 02 PM GMT+9 every Monday. If your robots are in those missions during the rotation time, you can bring your robots back via the command in your inventory.

The timer in the Mission Center is counting down for the next rotation.

The First Week : Theme of Energy

The first batch of weekly missions is in the theme of energy. This week is the best time to collect FCEs since all of the missions provide FCEs as rewards. This is a warm up. Now you can take your time to get used with the game system and you will find more missions with other kinds of reward next week.

Mission Center is The First Step

Now the first game system has been launched already. Currently, we’re starting the development of other important feature of the project.

Please stay tuned for more to come.




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