The week has passed and now it’s time to share our progress to you. Let’s see what’s going on here.

Mission Center is Progressing

We keep continuing the development of the Mission Center. Now the code of the missions on the Testnet side is almost complete. After the completion of the code, it’s the…

Blockobot summary is back now. It’s time to talk about the progress of the development of the project.

Progress of Mission Center

Now we’re working on the integration of the Mission Center system with Mission Team system. You may experience the example of the mission from the testing activity already but that’s only a…

The project keeps growing day by day and the numbers in the game have changed. It’s time to review the past week again.

  • 1,384 Starter kits have been sold. The number of circulating parts is 8,304.
  • 19.8708 is the total amount of BNB that players earned from referral and selling…


Blockobot is a decentralized robot game with player-centric economic system on Binance Smart Chain. Find more on

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